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Dec 09, 2019

The Evolution of Pay-As-You-Go Solar

Pay-As-You-Go Solar has revolutionised the way people get access to electricity in Africa. The emergence of new technology coupled with declining system costs has enabled the low income families in the developi...

30 mins

Nov 25, 2019

What it takes to live an eco-friendly lifestyle?

Neel Mathews shares his passionate story of building a house that is water and energy positive and also how he helps others achieve the same on this episode with Girish Shivakumar. More about Neel’s work and c...

25 mins

Nov 04, 2019

Clean air as a service to control indoor air pollution

The Indian capital of Delhi and most of the regions in North India continue to choke post the monsoon season and it has peaked after Diwali. The pollutants are at dangerous levels outdoors but indoor air is als...

27 mins

Oct 21, 2019

Air pollution in megacities: A case study of Delhi ft. Karthik Ganesan, CEEW

Globally air pollution accounts for 7 million annual deaths according to the WHO. In India alone, air pollution causes over a million deaths annually. Air pollution peaks during the post monsoon months in India...

62 mins

Oct 07, 2019

Meet the new Meat : Part 2

In recent months, the lawmakers in the US have been tough on the meat alternatives industry especially in the way how products are labelled and marketed. So how are US start-ups bracing up for a face-off with t...

24 mins

Sep 23, 2019

Meet the new Meat : Part 1

The meat industry accounts for about 15% of the total annual greenhouse gas emissions and the growth in global meat consumption will increase by 15% by 2027. On the first of two part series on meat alternatives...

23 mins

Sep 09, 2019

Introducing ‘The Sustainability Mafia’

Want to meet the lobbyists for your grandchildren? Meet ‘The Sustainability Mafia’. Started in 2018 by Ganesh Shankar this ‘Gang’ aims to bring together people in the sustainability space from around the world....

24 mins

Aug 26, 2019

Will we run out of Lithium to make batteries for Electric Vehicles (EV)?

Will we run short of Lithium to make batteries for Electric Vehicles (EV)? Not really! Listen to Teague Egan, CEO of EnergyX share his views on this interesting topic with Girish Shivakumar. About EnergyX: Ene...

24 mins

Aug 12, 2019

The Solar Man’s ‘Gandhi Global Solar Yatra’

Dr Chetan Singh Solanki joins Girish Shivakumar to share his latest solar endeavour, the ‘Gandhi Global Solar Yatra’, commemorating 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.  Prof. Solanki has been a popular...

28 mins

Jul 29, 2019

E-Waste Exchange: A convenient way to dispose your electronic gadgets

Wondering what to do with your electronic waste? Dr Shalini Sharma shares her story of building a convenient platform to dispose electronic waste with Girish Shivakumar on this epsiode.  E-Waste Exchange aims...

17 mins