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Oct 09, 2022

Why should we care about reducing our carbon footprint? ft. Frank Dalene

Why should we care about reducing our carbon footprint? Can we have a universal carbon label?  All this and a lot more discussed on this episode where Girish Shivakumar is in conversation with Frank Dalene.  F...

29 mins

Sep 18, 2022

Creating a unique value proposition ft. startup stories

Every business needs a value differentiator, so how do entrepreneurs’ discover their USP/UVP? Girish Shivakumar and Premasri Girish pick up a few entrepreneurs and their stories from the channel on this episode...

28 mins

Sep 04, 2022

Reducing the carbon footprint of food ft. Kapil, Edible Routes

Did you know that growing your own food is good for the planet?  Have you tried farming? If not, you can always rent a small farm to grow your food. This conversation between Girish Shivakumar and Kapil Mand...

35 mins

Aug 21, 2022

Closed loop recycling of water ft. Aditi A, Organic Solutions

What happens to water after you flush it down the drain? You might not care. But, water is a stressed asset and it is high time we start to close the loop. Closed loop recycling of water is the theme of this...

36 mins

Aug 07, 2022

Critical metals, commodity prices & a lot more ft. Taso Arima, IperionX

Are the high commodity prices going to be the new normal? What is the role of critical metals in the net zero transition and also a lot more about Titanium and recycling on this episode featuring a conversatio...

31 mins

Jul 24, 2022

How do I choose the right EV? Here's my 1000 mile update

Electric Vehicles (EV) are the talk of the town (globally)! So, how do you decide if EV is right for you? Which category of EV should you choose? What are the incentives available for purchasing an EV?All this...

19 mins

Jun 26, 2022

The Start:Eco-Entrepreneurs tell us how their journeys began

When was the last time you had a light-bulb moment for an idea? What drives you to do the work you do? How did you get started with your passion project? All these questions lead to some interesting stories and...

22 mins

Jun 12, 2022

Can we break free from plastic? ft. Von Hernandez

Today, we produce about 400 million tonnes of plastic waste every year. Our Planet is choking with plastics. How can we break free from plastics? What are the alternatives? How can brands and organisations be m...

36 mins

May 29, 2022

Building the cities of the future ft. Pedro B. Ortiz

68% of the global population will be living in urban areas by 2050 according to the UN but, are our cities prepared for it?How can building cities move away from the conventional methods to make them more resil...

44 mins

May 15, 2022

Envisioning a waste-free world ft. Anne Johnson, RRS

Recovering valuable resources from waste is only the last leg of the journey. But what goes into setting up the process for private & public sector stakeholders to ensure we build a zero- waste world. What are...

39 mins