Production Services

Suno India offers podcast production services like conceptualisation, recording, transcription, editing, production, distribution, marketing and promotion of all podcasts. Team at Suno India has experience of producing more than 20 podcast series with over 500 episodes in English, Hindi and Telugu.

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Show Conceptualisation

Research & Strategy: As a podcast platform, we keep up with the latest styles and techniques being used in podcasting and curate the perfect strategy to tell your stories. Developing a storyboard: Be it an interview style or a narrative podcast, our team will closely work with you to figure out what formats (episodic or limited series) works for you. Stakeholders/Guest identification: Our experience in the podcast industry has helped us establish a wide network of contacts to reach out to for guests. Working with us will accelerate your growth in the industry.

Identifying the target audience and relevant themes: Based on the themes you may want to cover, we can help you find the hook of your stories so that you attract the right audience for your content.

Production & Distribution

Recording & Production: We have an in-house production team that closely works towards monitoring recordings and ensuring quality control. We know the tips and tricks that can help you sound professional.

Audio Editing: We’ll help you distinguish your podcast from all the others out there. We can craft aesthetic sound mixes with music and sound effects eliminating room tone and perfecting the sound levels.

Hosting & Distribution: We’ll ensure that you are able to maintain a regular upload schedule on platforms like Spotify, Google podcasts, Jio Saavn and a range of others.

Marketing & Promotion

Production of Creatives and Audiograms: Our social media team will help you make your content visually appealing for platforms like Youtube and Instagram. We create professional-looking audiograms that generate interest in the episode and allow you to unlock potential audiences.

Promotion on Social Media Channels: We will help you run your social media handles, creating and posting regular content. We have experience with tailoring content to different platforms which will help you solidify your brand image.

Data and Analytics: We can take over the stress of checking the numbers to see how your podcast is performing. We’ll give you the figures and help you understand what they mean so that you know how to go ahead based on your podcast’s performance.

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