Who We Are

Suno India is a multilingual- multi-generational podcast platform solely dedicated to audio-stories on issues that matter. Suno India shines a spotlight on under-represented and under-reported stories using audio as a medium. We set our own agenda and we are editorially independent. The podcasts on Suno India are well-researched yet personal. Our stories are steered by hard facts from the ground up. We also believe that there is an urgent need to give a platform to issues that are often sidelined as inconvenient, irrelevant, or are simply invisible; that’s what sets us apart from others.

Our Story

At a time when attention spans are reduced to 15-second videos, we are here for people who want to understand an issue without reacting. We also don’t tell our listeners what to think and equip them with all the information required for them formulate an opinion. In short, we believe in the core principles of public interest journalism. We take our time to report and tell our stories packed with the right mix of human interest stories and facts.

We are a group of storytellers from diverse backgrounds and a proven track record of an international and national impact having worked across various sectors such as media, international diplomacy, and the non-profit sector. We started Suno India — a podcast platform for issues that should matter — in 2018 and are based in Hyderabad and Delhi.

Why Suno India

The genesis of Suno India lies in our irritation with the growing tribe of news anchors screaming at the viewers. We want to unbreak the news at a time when the news and social media only makes us react more and think less. We believe our voice is a very powerful, effective medium and so our podcasts strive to use it for the purpose of engaging with the listeners. The special series on Suno India capitalize on the age-old art of oral storytelling and brings perspectives and stories that have never been heard before. We strive to inform you, our listeners, and sometimes even challenge your perspectives but we won’t tell you what to think.

Our Team

Padma Priya

Co-founder/Founding Editor

DVL Padma Priya is an independent journalist who has written for leading media houses such as The Hindu, The Wire, IndiaSpend. She has also worked as an advocacy and communication specialist for Nobel Peace Prize winning organisation Doctors Without Borders.

Rakesh Kamal

Co-founder/Chief Operating Officer

Rakesh Kamal has developed education and advocacy programmes for Climate Reality, founded by Nobel laureate Al Gore. He writes regularly on clean energy and climate change negotiations in leading mainstream media such as The Mint, Down to Earth, etc.

Tarun Nirwan

Co-founder/Chief Digital Officer

Tarun Nirwan is an information technology and digital media expert who consults for non-profits and research think-tanks such as George Institute for Global Health and Centre for Policy Research. He has also previously worked with Doctors Without Borders India as Digital Manager.

Menaka Rao


Menaka Rao is a journalist for over 13 years. She has worked for several newspapers in Mumbai including Hindustan Times, and The Indian Express before moving to Delhi. She worked for Scroll.in and wrote on public health issues across the nation, including important stories related to disease outbreaks, disease control, medical ethics among others. She has also written for international publications such as BBC, Guardian and reputed national magazine, Caravan.

Sneha Richhariya


Sneha Richhariya has pursued my master's degree in Convergent Journalism from AJK Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia. She has been working as a freelance journalist in Delhi. She has been a multimedia and research trainee with The Quint and IndiaSpend. She has contributed to organizations like DW, Scroll, TheQuint, IndiaSpend, Article 14, GaonConnection, NewsClick, etc.
Sneha is interested in Rural Development, Health and Environment based issues.




Abhay Adhikari (PhD) is the founder of Digital Identities. He has run Storytelling Labs in 12 countries with participants that range from museum professionals from the Ájette museum in the Article Circle to multinational executives from Coca-Cola and BMW. He has also developed innovation programmes for Google, Nesta and Lloyds Banking Group. Abhay leads the Urban Sustainable Lab, which was named as one of UK’s 50 New Radical Projects by the Observer newspaper. He has written on digital culture for the Guardian and regularly speaks at events such as Shift Happens, Battle of Ideas and FutureEverything. Abhay has a research background in Biofeedback Gaming. In 2009, after completing his PhD he ran mindfulness workshops in Japan.