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Jul 15, 2019

Endurance drive in an electric car: Bengaluru to Chennai and beyond

Syed Mubasheer joins Girish Shivakumar to share his experience of covering 467kms in an electric car on a single charge. In 2017, Syed, an Electric Vehicle (EV) enthusiast undertook an endurance drive by redesi...

28 mins

Jul 01, 2019

Rimagined: Creating value from waste by Upcycling

Shailaja Rangarajan joins Girish Shivakumar to share her story of creating one of India's first upcycling company, Rimagined. If you liked the episode subscribe to it on your favourite platform. Give it a rat...

27 mins

Jun 17, 2019

3 Simple Steps to Make your Home Eco-Friendly

If you have asked, “How can I make my home eco-friendly?” this is the episode for you. Girish Shivakumar shares three simple steps that you can take to ensure your home is eco-friendly.  Step 1: Better water u...

11 mins

Jun 03, 2019

How to ‘Do Better with Less’: A conversation with Jaideep Prabhu

Jaideep Prabhu who has co-authored international best sellers like ‘Jugaad Innovation’ and ‘Frugal Innovation’ has released his recent work, ‘Do Better with Less: Frugal Innovation for Sustainable Growth’. On t...

32 mins

May 20, 2019

Ola’s Nagpur EV project, electric mobility plan and more

Ola rolled out India’s first city wide Electric Vehicle (EV) pilot in 2017. 2 years later a report was released by Ola Mobility Institute analysing the project including comparisons to alternative Internal Comb...

42 mins

May 06, 2019

A step by step guide to setting up a residential rooftop solar power plant

The cost of solar power generation has decreased significantly over and the government regulations worldwide are promoting residential solar power projects with incentives and India is no different. If you are...

14 mins

Apr 22, 2019

Why efficient Air Conditioners are good for you and the power utility in the summer season?

Cooling loads account for nearly 50% of the power demand in a major metropolitan city. Why should you care and why is it related to the power outage you face in summers?  Abhishek Ranjan joins Girish Shivakuma...

16 mins

Apr 18, 2019

Elections 2019: Who has a better agenda for clean-tech development, Congress or the BJP?

Summarising the clean-tech agenda of both the Congress and the BJP prior to the 2019 elections on this episode of the Mission Shunya podcast.

7 mins

Apr 17, 2019

Mission Shunya: Podcast Introduction

The launch episode of Mission Shunya provides an introduction to the podcast and what to expect as we embark on an transition to a zero carbon economy.

4 mins