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Jul 04, 2021

Buildings as carbon sinks ft. Petri Laakso, Soletair Power

Can buildings be turned into carbon sinks? What are the best use cases of carbon capture? All this and more covered on this episode featuring Soletair power.  Soletair Power turns buildings into carbon sinks,...

24 mins

Jun 20, 2021

Sustainable Plastics – ft. Gabriel Thoumi, Planet Tracker

How are companies manufacturing plastics undergoing a sustainability transformation?  What do we know about the plastics industry and what should we know to be more aware of the product we use daily? What are...

34 mins

Jun 06, 2021

Enabling the transition to electric mobility – What’s holding us back? ft. Awadhesh Kumar Jha

What’s holding us back from adopting electric mobility in a big way? When can India see an increased uptake of EVs? How did the Nordic region get there? On this episode, Awadhesh Kumar Jha joins Girish Shivaku...

49 mins

May 23, 2021

IEA’s report on how to transition to a net zero energy system by 2050

International Energy Agency released a landmark report, ‘Net Zero by 2050: a Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector’ this past week. The net zero roadmap is aimed to be a “how to guide” for the world’s decision m...

9 mins

May 09, 2021

Best Practices Guide: How to get started with Rainwater Harvesting

What is Rainwater Harvesting? Why is it essential for megacities and how can you get one done? All your questions answered on this episode.  Bengaluru in India is a water stressed city but there are innovative...

33 mins

Apr 25, 2021

Net-Zero Transition: The what why and how to get there

Everyone is talking about Net-Zero transitions, why is it important, why should you be involved and how can you be involved? All questions answered on this episode.  Girish Shivakumar also shares the brief 2 ye...

15 mins

Apr 11, 2021

Trapping emissions ft. Aker Carbon Capture

What is Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS)? How does it work? Is direct air capture an efficient solution? All your questions on CCUS answered on this episode. Joining Girish Shivakumar is the CTO...

30 mins

Mar 28, 2021

Delivering sustainability in the materials value chain ft. Umicore

Will we run out of Lithium for EV batteries? Is Cobalt ethically sourced? How much of metals can we extract through recycling? All your questions on the sustainability of material extraction, global supply chai...

42 mins

Mar 14, 2021

How sustainable is urban farming? ft. Shalini Patwal

Is urban farming really sustainable? Is it the same throughout the world? Why should look at it holistically?  Shalini Patwal, an infrastructure development consultant passionate about climate change and susta...

50 mins

Feb 21, 2021

Building a career in cleantech ft. Rajesh Bhat

Do you want to know what it takes to build a career in cleantech? What should you consider if you are planning to turn an entrepreneur? On this special episode Rajesh Bhat joins Girish Shivakumar and shares hi...

39 mins