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Jan 08, 2022

From Sulli Deals to Bulli Bai, how the police traces anonymous criminals online

As Mumbai police and now Delhi police catch alleged masterminds of the apps that virtually auctioned Muslim women, what took so long? Is it simply public pressure that led to the breakthroughs this time around?...

17 mins

Dec 31, 2021

Amravati's Gully Boys are rapping about caste

On this episode of Suno India, reporter Prashant Rathod profiles a rap band from Amravati. The band, Raptoli, includes Vipin Tatad, Tausif Khan, Mangesh Ingole and Gaurav Ingole. All four have grown up in Amrav...

40 mins

Dec 23, 2021

Custodial Torture: Why we don’t take police violence seriously

Indian films with hero cops often glorify police violence. At times, encounter killings are celebrated by the public at large. According to NHRC data, there are five custodial deaths in India every day. The min...

23 mins

Dec 21, 2021

Why is India spending less on healthcare?

In November this year, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare released the National Health Accounts estimates for 2017-18. These estimates reveal that the total government health expenditure has decreased fr...

33 mins

Dec 03, 2021

Beyond Bollywood, how India's NDPS Act punishes the vulnerable

Over 10% of undertrials in Indian jails were booked under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act. The Supreme Court has said that the bail provision under UAPA is “comparatively less stringent” than...

38 mins

Nov 29, 2021

Beyond elections, what’s in store for the future of farmers?

The Cabinet has approved a bill to repeal the three farm laws in the upcoming winter session. In this episode of The Suno India Show, we will get an expert view on why the laws are being repealed and what’s in...

24 mins

Nov 27, 2021

Back to school - How the gap in schooling has caused an education emergency in India

The school closures in India due to the COVID-19 Pandemic have been among the longest in the world. For close to 18 months, 265 million students have not been to school.  The report, “A FUTURE AT STAKE -Organi...

30 mins

Nov 27, 2021

Back to school - What you should need to consider before sending your children to school

For about 18 months, children in India have not gone to school. The school closures have been among the longest in the world. This month, many state and local governments opened physical schools for children. Y...

28 mins

Nov 21, 2021

Woman farm leader reacts to laws repealed, fight for MSP guarantee to continue

November 19, 2021, on Guru Nanak Jayanti, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the three controversial farm laws will be repealed in the upcoming winter session of the Parliament. In this episode of The...

21 mins

Nov 17, 2021

Delhi case against SciHub and LibGen will decide the price of knowledge

In December 2020, three academic publishing giants—Elsevier, American Chemical Society and Wiley—moved the Delhi High Court against Sci-Hub and LibGen. These pirate websites make academic papers free for all. A...

28 mins