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Mar 17, 2023

How will Budget 2023 affect the tourism industry

Tourism contributes to more than 15 percent of jobs in India, as per 2022 figures by the Ministry of Tourism. The recent Union Budget was a mixed bag for this industry. The good news came from announcements to...

11 mins

Mar 10, 2023

Information Control: How changes to the RTI Act affects our right to information about the govt

This is part 2 of a miniseries examining how the Central govt is limiting public access to information with laws and amendments. In the Data Protection Bill, the Central government has proposed an amendment for...

31 mins

Mar 03, 2023

Why Dalit students suffer in our universities

TW: This episode contains mentions of suicide.  In February 2023, 18-year-old Darshan Solanki ended his life barely three months into his Chemical Engineering course at IIT Bombay. In this episode of The Suno...

44 mins

Feb 24, 2023

Assam child marriage arrests: Can jailing those violating child marriage laws end the problem?

This is the second episode in the two-part series on the crackdown on child marriages in Assam. Since February 2, the Assam government has arrested more than 3000 people for violating the Prohibition of Child M...

34 mins

Feb 24, 2023

Assam child marriage arrests: Is crackdown on child marriage helping its 'victims'

On February 3, Assam’s chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma launched what he called “war against child marriage.” The state police has now arrested more than 3000 people who allegedly facilitated child marriages...

18 mins

Feb 17, 2023

Information Control: What blocking the BBC documentary on PM Modi means

‘India: The Modi Question’ is a two-part documentary series by the BBC about the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his relationship with the Muslim minority in India. The government has used the emergency provis...

26 mins

Feb 10, 2023

How to read budget using a feminist lens

The Union budget is presented every year in February. But how do we know that the budget allocations are equitable? While most budget speeches talk about “empowerment” of women and other marginalised genders, d...

36 mins

Feb 03, 2023

India beats China to become the most populated country, what's next?

On January 17, China announced its population is at 141.2 crore. According to the World Population Review, India's population increased to 142.3 crore people as of January 18. Though we have always seen overpop...

36 mins

Jan 27, 2023

Why Haldwani? - Behind the Politics of Eviction and Demolition in India

In this episode, Sneha Richhariya and Suhail Bhat visit Haldwani to make sense of the eviction order in Haldwani’s Banbhoolpura area, issued by the High Court on 20th December. We take a deep dive into the pol...

29 mins

Jan 20, 2023

Mangarh Massacre: Why this ‘Adivasi Jallianwala Bagh’ gets the spotlight before Rajasthan elections

The Mangarh Massacre of November 1913 resulted in the death of around 1,500 people belonging to the Bhil tribe. They had gathered there to protest against the exploitation of tribal people by the British as wel...

51 mins