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Aug 08, 2023

Chinatown Fading – How the Chinese Indian cuisine born in Kolkata took over the world

"Chinatown Fading" is a captivating mini-series where our reporter Suryatapa Mukherjee delves into the vanishing stories of Kolkata's Chinese-Indian community. In the second episode of “Chinatown Fading,” she e...

27 mins

Aug 07, 2023

Chinatown Fading – The community clubs that helped Chinese-Indians survive the Sino-Indian War

"Chinatown Fading," is an enchanting mini-series that unravels the forgotten stories of the Chinese-Indian community in the heart of Kolkata. It delves deep into the alleys of history, guided by the poignant ta...

24 mins

Jul 27, 2023

83 Days of Darkness- Analyzing Manipur's Internet Shutdown

In this episode, we delve into the recent events surrounding the internet shutdown in Manipur, India, which lasted a staggering 83 days, raising critical questions about the impact of such measures on law and o...

38 mins

Jul 23, 2023

Should we be planting trees on the Yamuna floodplains?

To all the questions on deforestation for development projects, the Central government’s repetitive response has been compensatory afforestation. Land in the Yamuna floodplains has been used for compensatory pl...

15 mins

Jul 15, 2023

What Does It Mean to Be a Journalist in Today's World?

In this episode of The Suno India Show, join Suno India's Editor-In-Chief Padma Priya as she delves into the alarming decline of press freedom in India, highlighted by the recent World Press Freedom Report. Ran...

47 mins

Jul 07, 2023

Why reporting heat wave deaths accurately might be difficult?

In the middle of June this year, temperatures in several parts of Uttar Pradesh had ranged between 42C and 47C during mid-June. The media reported that in Ballia and Deoria districts of Uttar Pradesh, 119 peopl...

23 mins

Jul 01, 2023

Ravaged Dreams- Examining the Effects of Violence on Education and the Future of Manipur's Youth

In May, a wave of violence engulfed Manipur, leading to the displacement of thousands and severely disrupting the education of countless young individuals in the region. To delve into this critical issue, Suno...

29 mins

Jun 21, 2023

Meitei women question PM’s silence on Manipur violence

With over 115 lives lost and 40,000 people displaced, the violence in Manipur still does not show signs of abating. Against the backdrop of escalating violence and communal clashes, Khwairambam Ema Keithal Join...

14 mins

Jun 16, 2023

Why the latest CoWin data breach should matter to you?

Earlier this week, news broke that the CoWin App, an app indigenously developed during the pandemic to track immunisation & issue vaccine certificates was breached. A telegram account was showing the personal d...

46 mins

Jun 10, 2023

A Teacher's Tale- Saving Lives Amidst the Manipur Crisis

This episode is the first episode of our new podcast "Dispatches from Manipur". Join us as independent journalist Greeshma Kuthar reports on the ongoing ethnic violence that has gripped the northeastern state o...

51 mins