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Jan 18, 2021

Why a Covaxin Controversy in Bhopal is worrying trial participants, activists and experts

Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin is one of the two Indian vaccines being administered to healthcare workers as India embarks on the world’s largest inoculation drive. Health experts have expressed concerns as hundreds...

32 mins

Jan 16, 2021

Every Indian’s Checklist- How will the new Code on wages affect your salaries?

The Code on Wages, 2019 is likely to come into effect before April this year. The Code on Wages Act, 2019 aims to amend and consolidate laws relating to wages and bonus. It also aims to simplify and rationalise...

13 mins

Dec 30, 2020

Indian Economy Explained: From Green Revolution to present – the History of Agricultural reforms in India

With discussions around agitations related to the recent Farm laws, what is missing is context. Reforms in agriculture have a history since India’s independence starting with the Green revolution. This history...

42 mins

Dec 29, 2020

Vaccinating against COVID-19: Has the vaccine development been a fair and transparent process?

This is the second episode in the two-part series on developing COVID-19 vaccines for the Suno India show. In the first episode of the series, we discussed the different stages of clinical trials and how the va...

28 mins

Dec 29, 2020

Vaccinating against COVID-19: How did we get so many vaccines so fast?

The Indian government is gearing up for mass COVID-19 vaccinations. The question foremost on everyone’s minds are how were they developed so fast. The first episode of this two-part series for the Suno India Sh...

17 mins

Dec 28, 2020

Harassment by digital lending apps a matter of concern

Police in Hyderabad are cracking down on predatory practices of micro-lending applications, which are driving people to suicides and bankruptcy. These micro-lending apps push online advertisements offering to g...

40 mins

Dec 27, 2020

Education at standstill in Kashmir with slow internet and pandemic adding to the woes

In this episode, Kashmiri independent journalist Irfan Amin Malik speaks to students in Kashmir about the problems they face due to 16 months long lockdown which started in August 2019 after BJP led central gov...

24 mins

Dec 22, 2020

Indian Economy Explained: How does GST work, and why state governments are not happy with it

The Goods and Services Tax which is commonly referred to GST was passed in the parliament on the 29th of March 2017.  GST is a tax which is levied on most goods and services. It is an indirect tax which is col...

31 mins

Dec 19, 2020

COVID19: Depressed incomes, increased hunger reveals Right to Food Campaign’s Hunger Watch Report

The COVID-19 pandemic has worsened the situation of hunger in the country. A short survey conducted by the Right to Food Campaign titled ‘The Hunger Watch” reveals that people continue to have depressed incomes...

23 mins

Dec 12, 2020

कृषि कानून 2020 और किसान आन्दोलन के पहलुओं पर चर्चा (Discussion on Farm bills 2020 and aspects of farmers protest)

इस प्रकरण में संसद में हाल ही में पारित कानूनों और संशोधन के खिलाफ चल रहे किसान आन्दोलन पर चर्चा की शामिल हे। कृषि उपज व्यापार और वाणिज्य, सवर्धन और विधेयक 2020 और किसान उपज व्‍यापार एवं वाणिज्‍य (संवर्धन एवं...

27 mins