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Nov 21, 2020

What Delhi’s children think about it’s choking pollution

In this episode, we speak to children about their experiences dealing with pollution during winter and festive season. The host, Menaka Rao spoke to Meenakshi, Sohail, Raj Abhishek and Prabudh and Suhani tellin...

21 mins

Nov 19, 2020

Indian Economy Explained: Decoding India’s GDP and Economic slowdown

The Indian economy is in the doldrums. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI), International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have all projected that the economy will shrink between 9-10 % in the current fiscal year....

37 mins

Nov 13, 2020

Election Nama: What are The Challenges Before The New Government in Bihar?

In the run up to the results of Bihar Assembly Elections 2020, most of the exit polls had predicted that the Grand Alliance (Mahagathbandhan) would have an edge and were likely to form the next government. Howe...

46 mins

Nov 05, 2020

Election Nama: How Bihar’s Most Backward Districts Are Likely To Vote In The Third Phase?

Voting for the third and final phase of the Bihar Assembly Elections 2020 will take place on November 07, 2020. In this phase, three regions of the state — Seemanchal, Kosi and Mithilanchal will be going to the...

35 mins

Nov 02, 2020

Election Nama: Has NDA gained in the first phase of Bihar Polls as claimed by PM Narendra Modi?

Bihar is going for its second phase of polling tomorrow. In the first phase, which took place on October 28, a voter turnout of nearly 56 % was recorded. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Sunday said that the tu...

27 mins

Oct 31, 2020

Every Indian’s Checklist: Lawyers explain what happens when you file a FIR for a sexual crime

Many of us would have heard that in case of sexual assault or harassment, we can always lodge a complaint to the police. We have also heard that many of these complaints don’t resolve easily or feel like resolu...

23 mins

Oct 31, 2020

Kashmir’s economy in shambles due to prolonged lockdown

On August 5, 2019, the Central government abrogated article 370 of the Indian constitution that gave the state of Jammu and Kashmir its autonomy. The Indian government also issued a military-style lockdown and...

18 mins

Oct 28, 2020

Election Nama: Are not any other issues in Bihar beyond jobs and education?

In the ongoing Assembly Elections of Bihar, “Rozgar” (Jobs/Employment) and “Siksha” (Education) have emerged as the main issues in the electoral campaigns of different political parties. But there are several o...

31 mins

Oct 27, 2020

Election Nama: How Nitish Kumar’s Regime Was Similar or Different from the Lalu Yadav- Rabri Devi Era?

In 2006, civil society organisations of Bihar released an “Alternative White Paper” on the issues of development and governance in the state. This was done in the context of an official White Paper released by...

31 mins

Oct 27, 2020

Election Nama: Why Is This Election Different From The Past Assembly Polls in Bihar?

Bihar Assembly Polls 2020 are the first direct elections to be held amidst the ongoing pandemic. Is this the only reason why the assembly polls have been considered different or are there other reasons for it a...

53 mins