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Dec 10, 2023

#64 India Canada Relations with Dr Avinash Paliwal

Support LCA Follow Avinash on Twitter Avinash is a Reader in International Relations. Previously, he was the deputy director of the SOAS South As...

63 mins

Jul 29, 2023

#63 The problem with Homeopathy & Ayurveda with Dr Abby Philips

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156 mins

Feb 05, 2023

#62 Indian Rap Culture Ft. Naveen Koomar

Support LCA Naveen Koomar is an Indian rap artist soon moving to Mumbai from Delhi. He has released many hit tracks like Baarishein, Kh...

114 mins

Jan 15, 2023

#61 India's Nutrition and Health with Dipa Sinha

Support LCA Follow Dipa Dipa Sinha has done her MA in Economics from JNU, MSc in Development Studies fr...

81 mins

Dec 11, 2022

#60 Breaking Binaries with Shashi Ashish Choudhary

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143 mins

Sep 27, 2022

#59 Last Among Equals : The Story of Bihar with M.R. Sharan

Support LCA Mamidipudi Ramakrishna Sharan, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at the Univers...

186 mins

Sep 11, 2022

#58 Decoding the Left Wing with Dr Rehna Raveendran

Watch on Youtube Support LCA Rehna Ravindran is an Assistant Professor, at the University of Delhi. She co...

93 mins

Jul 02, 2022

#57 The Land of the Dravidian Movement with Shalin Maria Lawrence

Support LCA Follow Shalin About Shalin Shalin is an...

95 mins

May 28, 2022

#56 The Story of Bengal with Subhajit Naskar [ENG]

Support LCA Follow Subhajit Subhajit Naskar is an Assistant Professor at the Department of International...

74 mins

May 16, 2022

#55 India's Life Expectancy with Aashish Gupta & Payal Hathi Co-host Aditi Priya

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122 mins