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Mar 29, 2020

#3 COVID-19 Preparing for the Unprepared with Dr Amit Gupta (Part 1)

In part one we talk about the Indian healthcare system, universal health care and its benefits, COVID-19's history and impact. Dr Amit Gupta is a Neonatal Consultant the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford since...

60 mins

Mar 08, 2020

#2 The Dance of Bureaucracy with Kannan Gopinathan

In August 2019 Kannan resigned from the prestigious IAS to start his journey as an activist. He has worked in various part of the country starting from Mizoram and his latest assignment was in Dadra and Nagar H...

81 mins

Feb 13, 2020

#1 Citizenship Battles with Anas Tanwir

Anas Tanwir is an advocate in the Supreme court of India and founder of Indian Civil Liberties Union (ICLU) . He is fighting citizenship cases since 2014. He is most known for fighting the pro-bono cases of ill...

91 mins