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Aug 08, 2021

#44 Climate activism, education, and justice with Disha Ravi [ENG]

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68 mins

Jul 18, 2021

#43 Bharathanatyam - Erased histories and reclaimining spaces with Nrithya Pillai [ENG]

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84 mins

Jul 03, 2021

#42 The spark for a movement with Snehashish Das

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108 mins

Jun 12, 2021

#41 In quest of Begumpura with Shweta Goswami

Support LCA : Shweta Goswami is the founder of the Nirmal initiative, a Vrindavan-based social organization that is fighting the issues of child sexual abuse, gender, and caste-ba...

108 mins

May 29, 2021

#40 The long road to Justice with Dr Meena Kandasamy [ENG]

Support LCA : In this episode of LCA we discuss the life of Dr Meena, many heart breaking incidents of caste atrocities, role of social media, being bought up in an anti-caste hou...

60 mins

May 16, 2021

#39 The Oppositional Bahujan Gaze with Jyoti Nisha [English]

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86 mins

Apr 18, 2021

#38 Indian Renaissance with Siddhesh Gautam

Support LCA : Siddhesh is one of the finest artists in the country. He uses his art to raise a voice on important issues. He is a thinker, philosopher, artist, and so much more. Wi...

100 mins

Apr 03, 2021

#37 The Amusing world of Anurag Minus Verma

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87 mins

Mar 14, 2021

#36 Education, Environment, and Markets with Yuvan Aves [English]

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72 mins

Mar 07, 2021

#35 Midnight's Border with Suchitra Vijayan [English]

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152 mins