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Jul 18, 2021

#43 Bharathanatyam - Erased histories and reclaimining spaces with Nrithya Pillai [ENG]

Support LCA : Subscribe to LCA’s newsletter - Hypothesis - Nrithya Pillai is a dancer, dance composer, singer, writer, speaker, and dance i...

84 mins

Jul 03, 2021

#42 The spark for a movement with Snehashish Das

Fundraiser Golden Singh : Monalisa Barman : Support LCA : Snehashish Das is...

108 mins

Jun 12, 2021

#41 In quest of Begumpura with Shweta Goswami

Support LCA : Shweta Goswami is the founder of the Nirmal initiative, a Vrindavan-based social organization that is fighting the issues of child sexual abuse, gender, and caste-ba...

108 mins

May 29, 2021

#40 The long road to Justice with Dr Meena Kandasamy [ENG]

Support LCA : In this episode of LCA we discuss the life of Dr Meena, many heart breaking incidents of caste atrocities, role of social media, being bought up in an anti-caste hou...

60 mins

May 16, 2021

#39 The Oppositional Bahujan Gaze with Jyoti Nisha [English]

Support LCA : Follow Jyoti Twitter : Instagram : Jyoti Nisha is an independent writer and filmmaker based in M...

86 mins

Apr 18, 2021

#38 Indian Renaissance with Siddhesh Gautam

Support LCA : Siddhesh is one of the finest artists in the country. He uses his art to raise a voice on important issues. He is a thinker, philosopher, artist, and so much more. Wi...

100 mins

Apr 03, 2021

#37 The Amusing world of Anurag Minus Verma

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87 mins

Mar 14, 2021

#36 Education, Environment, and Markets with Yuvan Aves [English]

Support Lights Camera Azadi Follow Yuvan Aves Instagram: Twitter: How diverse is India’s education sy...

72 mins

Mar 07, 2021

#35 Midnight's Border with Suchitra Vijayan [English]

Support Lights Camera Azadi Follow Suchitra. Twitter: Instagram: Have you ever...

152 mins

Feb 28, 2021

#34 Climate Change 101 with Dr Joy Merwin Monteiro [English]

Reach to Dr Joy : joy@iiserpune.acin What is climate change? Why is our climate changing? How is it affecting us? Why should we be worried? We discuss these critical conversations with Dr Joy in the 34th episo...

96 mins