COVID-19 Pandemic

Listen To Our Episodes On COVID-19 Pandemic

With India entering a critical phase in the fight against this pandemic, we are amplifying our coverage of this outbreak. Here is a list of episodes we have produced so far which looks at what COVID-19 is, what we know so far about it and India’s preparedness; how health inequities and access to health matter in times of pandemic; what social distancing potentially means for the poor of India.

Mar 01, 2021

Ep.2 - What Guides Your Diet? Fact or Myth?
Un-Viral is a podcast where we at Factly tackle that dangerous combination of the two kinds of virality—misinformation about health. Tune in to discern the real from the fake, and remember to Un-Viral. Episode...

17 mins

Feb 03, 2021

Ep.1 - Loud Whispers against Vaccination
Episode 1 is all about immunisation—COVID-19 and beyond. Joining us on the show is Dr Shimna Azeez, who has been the face of the campaign against anti-vaccine fake news in Malappuram, Kerala. Resources 1....

18 mins

Aug 20, 2021

Episode 5: The Pariah Kite Lodges in the Branches of the Mustard Tree
I had totally forgotten about it being independence day last Sunday, and then I was planning on releasing this one a couple of weeks from now, but I thought I would drop it kind of like a bonus track instead. I...

43 mins

Mar 14, 2022

Travelrope - You Inspire Me DVL Padma Priya
In this episode, I chat with a wonderful guest who is a journalist, editor, entrepreneur, and a podcaster. DVL Padma Priya is an independent journalist who has written for leading media houses such as The Hindu...

64 mins

Jul 11, 2022

Life after COVID - How long covid changes your body
This episode of Gasping for Breath is an attempt to understand Long Covid from the scientific community. We try to understand what is known about Long covid, what are its different manifestations, what are its...

26 mins

Jun 30, 2022

Life after COVID - My doctors did not believe me
In this episode, the survivors of Long Covid discuss their experiences with doctors. Most of them have been gaslighted by the medical fraternity. Medical gaslighting makes patients question their own experience...

33 mins

Jun 30, 2022

Life after COVID - My body does not feel the same
The second season of Gasping for Breath is about the people who live with Long Covid.  About 22 months after the pandemic began, in October 2021, the World Health Organisation defined what they called Post Cov...

27 mins

May 25, 2020

Improved air quality in India during COVID-19 lockdown and how to sustain the clean air movement
So, during the COVID-19 lockdown, did you breathe some fresh air? If you live close to a river, maybe you saw a cleaner version of it. Or you may have also spotted some distant object, maybe even a mountain. In...

50 mins

May 11, 2020

Sustaining the cleantech momentum in the post-COVID-19 era
The growth story of the global cleantech movement over the last few years has been phenomenal. But, COVID-19 has definitely thrown in a lot of uncertainties. Will it push the development back by a few years? Wi...

95 mins

Apr 27, 2020

Impact of COVID-19 on Small Scale Solar Rooftop Market
In recent months COVID-19 has definitely had an impact on the global economy. This is the first episode of the series where the discussions will be around how COVID-19 will impact the global transition to the z...

55 mins