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Jul 20, 2023

Climate Check - How does greenwashing contribute to climate misinformation?

In this episode of the Climate Emergency podcast, Editor and host for this episode Rakesh Kamal speaks with Aditi Tandon, a production editor with Mongabay India and a fact-checking trainer with the Google News...

22 mins

Jul 20, 2023

Climate Check - How can media tackle climate misinformation?

In this episode of the Climate Emergency podcast, host Rakesh Kamal talks to independent journalist and trainer Mayank aggarwal about the importance of climate literacy and the need to train media organizations...

31 mins

Jul 15, 2023

Climate Check- The Global North and South

Join Rakesh Kamal, Editor of Climate Emergency Podcast, in this episode as he delves deep into the intricate matter of climate misinformation and its far-reaching consequences for the global north and south. He...

15 mins

Jul 05, 2023

Climate check - Demystifying climate misinformation

In India, we witness misinformation rampantly on social media platforms. Edited video clips and photographs of politicians/ celebrities without context are unfortunately quite common. During the peak of the COV...

41 mins

Jun 12, 2023

Shifting Sundarbans - In the Eye of Disaster

The peril of climate change is not new to Sundarbans. But in recent years, climate disasters, mostly in the form of cyclones,  are occurring all too frequently. What are the reasons for worsening climate change...

23 mins

May 29, 2023

Shifting Sundarbans - Hungry humans, lurking tigers

Since time immemorial, tigers have killed hundreds of fisherfolk and honey collectors who roam the forests of Sundarbans for a living. While hunting for fish and crabs, fisherfolk often wander into government p...

29 mins

May 18, 2023

Shifting Sundarbans - Restless tides

In the public imagination, Sundarbans conjures visions of tigers, dense forests and tourism. But not many know, or perhaps care, that this region spread out in West Bengal and adjacent Bangladesh,  is home to o...

46 mins

May 09, 2023

Are grassland conservation efforts facing a governance crisis in India?

We all have seen big empty fields with lush green grasses. Those fields are actually called grasslands and they make up a huge chunk of India. Grassland conservation in India is facing a governance crisis due t...

26 mins

Apr 22, 2023

How Ocean acidification threatens coral reefs

Coral reefs are complex ecosystems made up of tiny coral polyps that provide shelter, food, and breeding grounds for a wide variety of marine life. They are incredibly diverse ecosystems, home to an estimated 2...

9 mins

Apr 13, 2023

Why this Desi Pan variety is threatened?

Betel Leaf or “Paan” has been seen across all streets in contemporary India. Paan consumption has continued to be a post-meal ritual for several centuries. Mahoba in Uttar Pradesh is known for cultivating a uni...

33 mins