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Apr 13, 2023

Why this Desi Pan variety is threatened?

Betel Leaf or “Paan” has been seen across all streets in contemporary India. Paan consumption has continued to be a post-meal ritual for several centuries. Mahoba in Uttar Pradesh is known for cultivating a uni...

33 mins

Apr 04, 2023

How prepared is India for heat waves?

April is when we start to be serious about heat waves in India. But did you know that some sub-nationals like cities, districts and states in India have heat action plans which detail the actions that have to b...

38 mins

Mar 28, 2023

How do the poor fight climate change? Lessons from an informal settlement

Around the world, the impact of climate change – rising temperatures, shifting patterns of rainfall, more frequent and intense extreme weather, and rising sea levels – will affect all types of infrastructure. E...

44 mins

Mar 21, 2023

Why uniform food consumption patterns might threaten food security?

We live in a world of food abundance, yet there is widespread food insecurity. The government policies focus on the production side to increase the physical availability of food. However, the patterns of househ...

52 mins

Mar 13, 2023

The Return of El-Nino: What is so hot about this summer?

Winters have gone and we all are gearing up to beat the heat this summer season. Heat wave warnings have already started to scare us all. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) warned of a warming El Niño...

13 mins

Mar 06, 2023

Why fast fashion needs to slow down for the environment?

Buying clothes has never been easier. 80 billion items are manufactured every year. Millions of tonnes of clothes end up in landfills—it’s one of the fastest-growing categories of waste in the world.  E-commerc...

38 mins

Feb 27, 2023

Putting Millets on the Food Map

Millets, the ancient grain family of Jowar, Bajra and ragi, are to come back into India’s foodscape. Millets are not new to India’s culture or kitchens. But in a country obsessed with rice, wheat and pulses, th...

29 mins

Feb 20, 2023

Making Sense of Microplastics

Plastic has infiltrated deep into our lifestyle, it is now so widespread that it is even finding its way into the water we drink, the fruit and vegetables we eat and in personal care products like your face was...

11 mins

Feb 13, 2023

How is this agritech startup helping small farmers?

The agricultural industry is an important part of the Indian economy, and many startups are developing new technologies and innovations to improve agricultural practices and increase efficiency in the industry....

32 mins

Feb 06, 2023

Budget analysis: What is in store for India’s energy transition in 2023?

While presenting the annual budget last Wednesday, finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman listed seven priority areas that the budget had adopted this year. Green growth and energy transition has been kept among t...

34 mins