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Nov 28, 2023

Can India tackle air pollution through artificial rain?

There are videos on social media suggesting that an artificial rain experiment by IIT Kanpur can tackle air pollution and drought and that this artificially induced rainfall is likely to have “no negative conse...

14 mins

Nov 18, 2023

Remembering MS Swaminathan

India lost one of its most renowned agricultural scientists, MS Swaminathan, on September 28th, 2023. He not just spearheaded the green revolution and pulled the South Asian masses out of a famine, but also con...

34 mins

Nov 01, 2023

Towards clean energy- Is the world transitioning the right way?

Solar energy has been an important player in India’s energy transition. But how does the growth of solar align with the global targets of reducing emissions and alleviating energy poverty? How do we see the wor...

18 mins

Oct 18, 2023

Why scientists dispute cloudburst as the cause of Sikkim flash floods?

On October 4th, a glacial lake outburst event struck North Sikkim, sending shockwaves across the northeastern state. This event unfolded at Lhonak Lake in North Sikkim, causing an abrupt and alarming surge in t...

28 mins

Oct 10, 2023

How Can Bengaluru's Urban Poor Be Involved in Climate Change Solutions?

Bengaluru is currently experiencing significant and diverse forms of urban growth. Numerous environmental studies have consistently highlighted the adverse impact of intense urbanization on the city's environme...

21 mins

Sep 28, 2023

Can solar water pumps solve water woes for Bundelkhand’s farmers?

Bundelkhand region in central India is infamous for its frequent droughts. Due to the lack of water, farmers in this region have either been aligning their farming with seasonal rainfall patterns or are depende...

32 mins

Jul 20, 2023

Climate Check - How does greenwashing contribute to climate misinformation?

In this episode of the Climate Emergency podcast, Editor and host for this episode Rakesh Kamal speaks with Aditi Tandon, a production editor with Mongabay India and a fact-checking trainer with the Google News...

22 mins

Jul 20, 2023

Climate Check - How can media tackle climate misinformation?

In this episode of the Climate Emergency podcast, host Rakesh Kamal talks to independent journalist and trainer Mayank aggarwal about the importance of climate literacy and the need to train media organizations...

31 mins

Jul 15, 2023

Climate Check- The Global North and South

Join Rakesh Kamal, Editor of Climate Emergency Podcast, in this episode as he delves deep into the intricate matter of climate misinformation and its far-reaching consequences for the global north and south. He...

15 mins

Jul 05, 2023

Climate check - Demystifying climate misinformation

In India, we witness misinformation rampantly on social media platforms. Edited video clips and photographs of politicians/ celebrities without context are unfortunately quite common. During the peak of the COV...

41 mins