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Oct 29, 2021

Back to the roots for tribal children in Nilgiris

A break from schools due to Covid-19 serves as a blessing in disguise for Irula tribal children who get to learn traditional ways of life from their elders through village elder programmes. For this episode of...

23 mins

Oct 28, 2021

How mentally ill people end up on death row

Project 39A’s report Deathworthy explores the impact of the death penalty on the mental health of those receiving it and why many death row convicts have a fragile mental state to begin with. On this episode of...

34 mins

Oct 11, 2021

Right to be forgotten: Can one get a second chance when net remembers everything

Imagine you are accused in a murder case. And the courts acquit you. But now for the rest of your life, every time someone Googles your name, they see that there is a chance you murdered someone. Or maybe you a...

30 mins

Sep 28, 2021

Caste Census: Why it stopped and why it must start again

The Centre submitted an affidavit in the Supreme Court last week, saying no to conducting a caste census. It was in response to a writ petition by the Maharashtra government to collect OBC data in the state whi...

26 mins

Sep 23, 2021

Why India's saffron growers foresee a worrying future

Despite a relatively good crop of saffron last year, overall saffron production in Kashmir has been on a decline for years now. Unpredictable rainfall and dry weather due to climate change have played havoc wit...

18 mins

Sep 14, 2021

OBC Bill: A history of reservation and how we got here

127th Constitution Amendment Bill 2021 aka the OBC Bill was unanimously passed by the Parliament, a remarkable feat in an otherwise difficult session. It has once again brought up debates about reservation. But...

35 mins

Aug 31, 2021

A Gujarat town's example shows how the state undercounted Covid-19 deaths

In Gujarat’s Amreli town, people working with COVID-19 patients, and those working in crematoriums or graveyards do not believe the minuscule official count of COVID-19 deaths- a mere 102.  The Reporters’ Coll...

21 mins

Aug 30, 2021

Afghanistan: Refugees in India stuck in time with no jobs or education

Desperate scenes of Afghans trying to flee the Taliban takeover of their homeland have shocked the world. But refugees have been trickling into India even during the past twenty years. They say they are free in...

26 mins

Aug 28, 2021

Why are Assam and Mizoram fighting over state borders?

In July, the interstate border between Assam and Mizoram saw an unprecedented blaze. Police of both the state fought each other. Since then, series of chaotic incidents started happening in the area. But the se...

25 mins

Aug 23, 2021

Spiralling back into the past: Afghanistan then and now

For this episode of The Suno India show we have guest host Urvashi Sarkar talking to Former BBC editor for South and Central Asia, Nazes Afroz. He provides a historical sweep to understanding the current devast...

59 mins