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Jan 18, 2024

Gazing into the Crystal Ball: What's next for India's energy transition?

Season 4 of The India Energy Hour Podcast is here.  To kickstart the season, the hosts are here to give a primer on what all to expect in India's journey towards energy transition.  It is the year of general...

53 mins

Dec 26, 2023

COP28: Hits, Misses and Vested Interests | ft. Jacob Koshy

This year’s Conference of Parties (COP28), hosted in the oil-rich UAE, was full of ironies. There were apprehensions over the host, which has oil wells in its backyard. The COP28 President was the CEO of the na...

70 mins

Nov 30, 2023

State of the Indian Energy Transition | ft. Aditya Ramji

India’s energy transition is central to global climate action. But where does India’s energy transition stand? What are the key challenges and opportunities in areas such as energy access, clean transportation...

60 mins

Nov 21, 2023

Energy Transition: 1 Nation, 28 Pathways | ft. Ann Josey & Rohit Chandra

India's energy transition currently comprises a set of ambitious targets, the pathway for which is yet to be designed.  While at the Central level, there are a variety of policies, the real challenge lies in t...

74 mins

Oct 30, 2023

From Star Rating to Efficient Fans: Why Energy Efficiency Matters? | ft. Saurabh Kumar

Energy efficiency in India has become an important focus due to the country's growing energy demands, environmental concerns, and the need to reduce energy costs. Several initiatives and policies have been put...

53 mins

Oct 16, 2023

Coding Climate Action: Can AI save the Earth? | ft. Himanshu Gupta

Climate tech is one of the emerging areas in the technology landscape offering a variety of new-age solutions for adapting to changing climate. Largely unexplored, climate tech has the potential to empower even...

74 mins

Oct 03, 2023

How Green is your Money? | ft. Akshat Rathi

How many trillions would be required to reach zero? Are global dialogues enough to rake up funds? As countries race to meet their net carbon zero targets, it is the technological solutions and entrepreneurial v...

60 mins

Sep 19, 2023

India's G20 Presidency: Navigating Complex Geopolitical Waters

As the G20 host, India deftly managed geopolitics, especially Russia-Ukraine, while driving energy and climate discussions. Topics like renewable energy, critical minerals, and sustainable finance took center s...

58 mins

Sep 04, 2023

India's G20 Presidency: Balancing Energy Security and Climate Goals

India's G20 presidency started amidst major geopolitical events, including the Russian invasion of Ukraine. These events reshaped energy markets and climate policies globally. As energy security considerations...

53 mins

Aug 10, 2023

G20 Special: Will India change the tone for Global Energy Transition? | ft. Sudarshan Varadhan

India has taken over the presidency of G20 at a time when the conventional geopolitics around key sectors is witnessing a shift - be it fossil fuels, climate, financing and several others. While it has provide...

63 mins