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Nov 04, 2022

COP27: Conversation to Concrete Action? | Episode 33

The upcoming COP27 is expected to set the tone for developing economies to strengthen their climate-focused demands from the developed world. Adaptation solutions, loss and damage funds, and enhanced climate fi...

49 mins

Oct 16, 2022

Climate Readiness: State of Play in Indian States | Episode 32

For any meaningful climate action in India, the 28 Indian states and 8 union territories will have to play a crucial role. They have to maintain nodes of implementation of climate plans. But are the states read...

63 mins

Sep 23, 2022

Energy Storage: The Catalyst to India's Energy Transition | Episode 31

If India wants to achieve its net zero goal by 2070, energy storage technologies will have to play a crucial role. From battery to pump storage, several different technologies are now commercially available in...

54 mins

Aug 26, 2022

Is India walking the talk on its Climate Promises? | Episode 30

As COP27 inches closer, the promises and commitments made during the last global climate conference are under scrutiny. India which was the biggest surprise, thanks to its Net Zero target year announcement has...

48 mins

Aug 11, 2022

Communicating Climate: Demystifying vs Greenwashing | Episode 29

Talking about climate change, especially in the developing world, is no longer a topic of so-called "academic interest". There are now multitudes of issues involved, countless lobbies on both sides of the debat...

52 mins

Jul 18, 2022

Plastic Ban, Green Waste & Recycling 500 GW Renewable Energy | Episode 28

India recently enforced a ban on single-use plastic items across the country. This move will have a ripple effect across several industries, including FMCG. Experts, however, view this as a bold step towards wa...

53 mins

Jun 30, 2022

Green Energy & Ecology: Land, Farmers & an Endangered Bird | Episode 27

India's renewable energy sector is facing an unusual dilemma - on one side are the ambitious targets set out by the government and on the other are problems and issues that come with rampant growth and increase...

70 mins

May 28, 2022

India's annual summer affair with Coal/Power Crisis | Episode 26

As it has been happening for years now, coal and power crisis has gripped India yet again. Severe heatwaves caused due to climate crisis coupled with mismatch in coal demand and supply, led to a nationwide powe...

55 mins

May 07, 2022

Money, Scale, Intent: Path to Climate Mitigation | Episode 25

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) working group III recently released a report on climate change mitigation. It assessed methods for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and provided many polic...

67 mins

Apr 18, 2022

Climate Stories from the Corners of India | Episode 24

Increased heat, drought and wildfires are all linked to climate change. Climate change has altered the physical geography in rural areas by disappearing flora and fauna, and other natural habitats that constitu...

77 mins