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Sep 21, 2023

Ep 15- Airports Be Shining

The world is ending but the Airports are shining so people are happy. The Buffalo revisits the horror that was Venkatesh Prasad bowling in the 90s, Rajdeep Sardesai is back with his boomer takes & we discuss Md...

57 mins

Sep 04, 2023

Episode 14- "Dont be so Negative"

Buffalo wonders what the Chandrayaan benefits are, while pondering over the crumbling education system. We take a moment to acknowledge the hot mess that is Gen Z.

49 mins

Aug 21, 2023

Ep 13- Sonepat Surrender (redux)

There is revolution brewing in Sonepat. Fascism better watch out. A week of e-lafdas, Savarna queen showrunners of Made in Heaven deny Yashica Dutt. The Buffalo munches through it all!

43 mins

Aug 21, 2023

Episode 13-Revolution in Sonepat

There is revolution brewing in Sonepat. Fascism watch out. A week of e-lafdas, across Twitter, Instagram & OTT series. The Buffalo rampages through as usual.

54 mins

Aug 05, 2023

Episode 12- Have you BarbenHeimered?

The Buffalo is haunted by Barbenheimer insta stories & the sad tears of elite housing society savarnas Aunties in Gurgaon.

44 mins

Jun 02, 2023

Episode 11- Are you not Entertained?

The Buffalo is risking his career and sanity by taking on legions of haters including Bengali cultural chauvinists, savarna feminists & Swifties. Also Kunal Kamra maybe a long lost brother #FatBaldUncleEnergy

65 mins

May 26, 2023

Episode- 10 - 2000 khwaishein aisi

The buffalo has had enough about Sudhir Mishra & Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi fandom. Enough ok. Also gets nostalgic about the dearly departed Rs 2000 note. What a champ!

58 mins

May 01, 2023

Episode 9 - Many Talents of Anurag Minus Verma

Buffalo meets Anurag Minus Verma- peak satirist & amazing podcaster & perhaps the best contemporary cultural commentator of urban absurdities. He talks to us about his relationship with his audiences, his writi...

86 mins

Apr 17, 2023

Episode 8 - Audience topics, Buffalo's rants

Buffalo wants audience engagement. The good people from Instagram sent in lots of questions & topics, so we have a mixed bag of an episode that veers from Bania masculinity to Savarna feminism to academia & dev...

72 mins

Apr 03, 2023

Episode 7 - Social Influencer No 1

The Buffalo has a guest this time, failed 'Dance India Dance' contestant & someone who has done nothing of note in life-- Varnika; together the losers reflect upon their true loser icons-- the Social Media Infl...

78 mins