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Jan 06, 2024

Ep 22- Is this a book review?

The Buffalo starts trying to review a book, goes on an epic rant on Savarna education system, Chetan Bhagat, cultural performativity, mediocrity of Savarna writing-- ends up being strangely existentially vulner...

72 mins

Dec 22, 2023

Ep 21- The Archie-fied Gen Z

The Buffalo has a guest, Rohitha joins in to unpack the cultural moment & politics behind 'The Archies' & Savarna Gen Z in particular.

79 mins

Dec 09, 2023

Ep 20 - Animal Psychology

There has been a film called 'Animal' which was not about animals but men's anger issues. I get the super cool pyschology professor Dr. Itisha, to break down the psychology of masculine anger, toxic masculinity...

79 mins

Nov 26, 2023

Ep 19- The Era of the Orry

Social justice is dead. It is the era of Orry. The Buffalo calls out the Savarna elite Gen Z. Don't complain. Accept your fate & die quietly!

67 mins

Oct 24, 2023

Ep 18 - Please Bomb Us

Buffalo rants on Garba, Gaza & the Goons at the cricket World Cup, and wonders if the solution to it all is just good old fashioned bombing.

53 mins

Oct 15, 2023

Ep17 - You cant touch Manjeet Sarkar

We have a guest. Talented comedian Manjeet Sarkar explains how as 2nd gen refugee Dalit from Bengal who grew up in rural Bastar, do you become a comic. His love for Dave Chappelle & the revelation that he has n...

61 mins

Oct 07, 2023

Ep 16- Humans of "I Will Pay"1

The Buffalo is overworked & trains the guns on the 'Humans of Bombay' controversy & the Savarna fascination with vintage cars in Bombay.

43 mins

Sep 21, 2023

Ep 15- Airports Be Shining

The world is ending but the Airports are shining so people are happy. The Buffalo revisits the horror that was Venkatesh Prasad bowling in the 90s, Rajdeep Sardesai is back with his boomer takes & we discuss Md...

57 mins

Sep 04, 2023

Episode 14- "Dont be so Negative"

Buffalo wonders what the Chandrayaan benefits are, while pondering over the crumbling education system. We take a moment to acknowledge the hot mess that is Gen Z.

49 mins

Aug 21, 2023

Ep 13- Sonepat Surrender (redux)

There is revolution brewing in Sonepat. Fascism better watch out. A week of e-lafdas, Savarna queen showrunners of Made in Heaven deny Yashica Dutt. The Buffalo munches through it all!

43 mins