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Nov 25, 2023

SOS- Save Our Studies- Displaced Medical Students plea for immediate intervention

In season two of Dispatches from Manipur, independent journalist Greeshma Kuthar will follow up on many issues that the podcast touched upon during our reportage in season one. We are at a stage where more than...

29 mins

Aug 18, 2023

Struggle for Stability - Tracing the Threads of Manipur's Unrest

In Episode 16 of "Dispatches from Manipur", Greeshma Kuthar reports on the ongoing ethnic turmoil gripping Manipur since May. She discusses the volatile situation with Meitei journalist Rōmal Lāisram, who takes...

53 mins

Jul 24, 2023

Gendered Violence in the Context of Ethnic Violence in Manipur

In this episode of Dispatches from Manipur, Greeshma Kuthar speaks to Kimneijou, Kimneineng and Kimmoui (women leaders from the Kuki-Zo community) about the various incidents of gendered violence that happened...

52 mins

Jul 22, 2023

Lost in Custody- The Tragic Story of Hanglalmuan Vaiphei

In this episode, independent journalist Greeshma Kuthar delves into the ongoing turmoil in Manipur, with a focus on the Phaileng buffer zone, a critical border between the Kangpokpi hill district and Imphal Val...

13 mins

Jul 17, 2023

Caught in the cross fire - Two innocent women killed in Imphal

In July in a span of 10 days, two women were tragically shot and killed in the capital city of Imphal in Manipur. Hangzo Donggaihching was a member of the Kuki-Zo community and lived alone in a small makeshift...

15 mins

Jun 30, 2023

Rahul Gandhi's Visit Commences Amid Ongoing Violence in Manipur

In episode 12 of Dispatches from Manipur, Greeshma gives a round up of the situation on the ground. As Opposition leader Rahul Gandhi’s visit of the State commenced, violent attacks continued in parts of Manipu...

22 mins

Jun 27, 2023

Disrupted Dreams- Students face an uncertain future

Since May 3, the conflict in Manipur has close to 70,000 displaced & over 120 dead. In episode 11 of Dispatches from Manipur, two students spoke to independent journalist Greeshma Kuthar, on their disrupted aca...

33 mins

Jun 21, 2023

Who carries the burden of the ongoing Manipur Conflict?

In episode 10, Greeshma explores the aftermath of ethnic violence in Saikul's Khamenlok area. Families from 10 Kuki villages faced chaos and heavy rains, fleeing into the forest as mobs approached. In this epi...

15 mins

Jun 17, 2023

Manipur Violence - The Buffer Zone at Phaileng

In Episode 9, independent journalist Greeshma Kuthar reports from Phaileng, a village located at the border of Kangpokpi and Imphal West. This area has witnessed multiple armed attacks, which have been pushed b...

15 mins

Jun 15, 2023

Khamenlok violence: Lack of political leadership deepening existing ethnic division

In Episode 8, independent journalist Greeshma Kuthar examines the recent escalated violence in Khamenlok of Saikul area, the status of the internally displaced, and how the relief camps are managing the influx...

12 mins