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Jun 13, 2023

Manipur Violence - How Khopibung of Saikul was burnt down?

In Episode 6, independent journalist Greeshma Kuthar reports from the ground about the burning of Khopibung, a Kuki village in the Saikul sub-division of Kangpokpi district on June 12. Since May 3, nearly 70 vi...

42 mins

Jun 12, 2023

How a survivor escaped mobs in Imphal with a Muslim auto driver's help

Episode 5 chronicles a survivor's tale of unimagined horror and a timely escape in the early days of the ethnic violence that has persisted in Manipur since the first week of May. This episode contains graphic...

21 mins

Jun 11, 2023

How those who own the media define narratives on the Manipur Violence

In Episode 4, independent journalist Greeshma Kuthar critically examines the role of media — the fourth pillar of democracy — to report the realities of the Manipur ethnic violence, which began on the first wee...

71 mins

Jun 10, 2023

How is relief being coordinated in Manipur's Hill District for the internally displaced?

In episode 3 of 'Dispatches from Manipur', independent journalist Greeshma Kuthar takes a first-hand look at the state of relief camps for hill tribes — how the civil society manages the relief, the lack of sup...

31 mins

Jun 09, 2023

As violence continues, fear and distrust escalate around Manipur’s NH2 highway

In this episode of Dispatches from Manipur, independent journalist Greeshma Kuthar bears witness to the escalating distrust & fear between communities forcing residents of Kangpokpi District to guard the NH2 (I...

28 mins

Jun 08, 2023

A Teacher's Tale- Saving Lives Amidst the Manipur Crisis

In this first episode, Independent journalist Greeshma brings a first-hand account of a teacher and headmistress of the only school in her village in Manipur. She recounts how she rescued herself as well as her...

50 mins