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Jul 29, 2022

EP 4: SV Srinivas on films and masculinities

In the last episode of this season exploring films, we speak with Prof SV Srinivas about the recent discussions surrounding hypermasculinity and violence in films like Kabir Singh and Pushpa. Prof Srinivas teac...

27 mins

Jul 21, 2022

Madhava Prasad discusses the political significance of cinema in south India

In the third episode of our latest podcast season exploring films, Madhava Prasad discusses 'cinepolitics' in south India. Mr Madhava Prasad is a cultural theorist and film scholar, whose worked as a Professor...

27 mins

Jul 07, 2022

EP 2: Ritika Kaushik discusses state and film-making

In the second episode of our fourth season exploring themes related to films, we speak with Ritika Kaushik about the state's role in film-making and distribution in India, specifically taking a deeper look at t...

28 mins

Jun 29, 2022

EP 1: Shrayana Bhattacharya discusses film icons, fandoms and intimacy

In the first episode of our new season exploring films, we speak with Shrayana Bhattacharya about what film icons and fandoms can tell us about intimacy and women's independence. 

25 mins

Apr 22, 2022

EP4: Rohan Jahagirdar discusses finance and data privacy

In this episode on finance and data privacy, Rohan Jahagirdar, an independent fintech consultant working with organisations specifically in the banking industry, discusses regulation of data collected by fintec...

23 mins

Mar 25, 2022

EP 3: Ambika Tandon discusses reproductive health surveillance in India

In this week's episode on reproductive health surveillance, we’re joined by Ambika Tandon who is a researcher with the Centre for Internet and Society.

38 mins

Mar 17, 2022

EP 2: Aayush Rathi on health information systems and surveillance in India

In this episode on health information systems, we’re joined by Aayush Rathi who is a researcher with the Center for Internet and Society, and has previously written on welfare systems and digitisation. He discu...

27 mins

Mar 04, 2022

EP 1: Srinivas Kodali discusses state surveillance and facial recognition technology

Kicking off the new season of TIF Talkies, Srinivas Kodali talks about digital infrastructures like Aadhaar, the National Population Register, the National Register of Citizens, and more recently, the turn towa...

32 mins

Jan 12, 2022

EP 4: Aditya Pillai discusses the importance of building robust climate institutions in India

At COP 26, India announced 5 promises to work towards a greener future. But there remains some confusion as to how these will actually be achieved. In this concluding episode for season 2, we're joined by Adity...

50 mins

Jan 07, 2022

EP 3: Deepti Chatti Talks About Traditional Knowledge and Its Place in Climate Discussions

In this episode we discuss a component of climate action that was particularly highlighted at the COP 26, that is, the importance of traditional/local knowledge in meeting and forming climate goals. For this, w...

24 mins