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Sep 29, 2021

CCMB’s role in COVID19 pandemic management

The confirmed COVID19 cases in India have touched 2.98 million as on date. We at Suno India have been looking at the various efforts being deployed for pandemic management in the country and presenting critical...

44 mins

Sep 25, 2021

Why are most of the medicines being approved for COVID-19 so expensive

There is an urgent need to find a cure for COVID-19. Old drugs that have been developed and approved for one disease are now being evaluated to see if they can be used to reduce the severity and to bring down m...

28 mins

Sep 25, 2021

What goes into the fast tracking development of a vaccine- A virologist explains

With confirmed COVID-19 cases worldwide surpassing 13 million with no sign of it slowing down, scientists are pushing forward with efforts to find and develop vaccines and treatments to slow down the pandemic a...

42 mins

Sep 25, 2021

The need for evidence-based medicine in treating COVID-19

A number of old drugs approved for other diseases are being “repurposed” and tested for their safety and efficacy in COVID-19, in systematic clinical trials. They have emergency approval for use in COVID-19, bu...

48 mins