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Jan 28, 2021

Devadasi repertoire and Aesthetic Representation

In this episode, Yashoda takes us through some of Devadasi repertoire, its aesthetic representation and how that differs from that of Kuchipudi. It examines how the devadasi repertoire reflects the multiple con...

65 mins

Jan 12, 2021

Patronage and Caste

In this episode, Host Yashoda Thakore takes us through the Devadasi history in the Telugu speaking areas. Reflecting on the Kakatiya, and Nayaka times the questions of who the patrons for the art were, what wer...

60 mins

Dec 29, 2020

Her Story of Dance - The Beginning

The first episode is the story of discovery, of reaching out, and the story of learning. Dancer, research, and a voice from the Kalvantulu community (hereditary dancer families from the Godavari region) Dr. Yas...

65 mins

Dec 12, 2020

Trailer: Her Story of Dance

The Kalavantulu community women were the guardians of an art that has since been appropriated into what is today seen as mainstream classical dance in South India. In this podcast series, Yashoda Thakore, a da...

4 mins

Aug 31, 2020

Pinjra toh todna hi hai

This podcast series Pinjra Tod Kar is conceived and produced by Goethe-Zentrum Hyderabad with the support of Suno-India and Bol-Hyderabad as a podcast with powerful and poignant stories told by the women whose...

34 mins

Aug 31, 2020

Marriage most foul: The story of Hyderabad’s contract marriages

In this episode, Tasleem Begum tells us her story of being married as a 14-year-old to a 62-year-old man and how she broke free from the clutches of the lucrative “Sheikh marriage business”.  Also featuring, Ja...

32 mins

Aug 31, 2020

Domestic Violence: India’s hidden pandemic

In this episode, we discuss one of the toughest challenges facing women and their right to dignity and life- violence against women and specifically domestic violence. This episode features Sultana who is a sur...

47 mins

Jun 26, 2020

Child Sexual Abuse – A Silent Crime

According to the latest data by the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), over 32,000 cases of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) were reported in 2017 while almost 40,000 cases were reported in 2018 under the Protection...

39 mins

May 31, 2020

Education - A way out

According to UNICEF, 27% of girls in India are married before their 18th birthday and  53% of girls in the age group of 5 to 9 years are illiterate. More than 50 per cent of girls fail to enrol in school; those...

27 mins

Mar 06, 2020

Pillar of Strength - Jameela's story

In the first episode of Pinjra Tod Kar, you will hear from Jameela Nishat, founder of Shaheen, who tells us about foray in women’s rights and where she sees the organisation and its work heading towards. This...

38 mins