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Sep 30, 2022


One of the most common refrains that you’ll hear about Bengaluru, is that its future is uncertain. It’s the doomsday scenario: the city is going to run out of natural resources, and it’ll be the beginning of it...

26 mins

Sep 23, 2022

Is Bengaluru a good place to work?

For many, Bengaluru is a city of dreams, drawing people from across the country who are in search of better jobs and a better life. But what’s the reality of a worker in this city? Is Bengaluru really a good pl...

34 mins

Sep 16, 2022

Do we need to change our relationship with the outdoors?

Bengaluru once prided itself on being the Garden City, but with more green covers sacrificed for chrome and glass buildings and steel flyovers, how much of the outdoors is left for citizens to enjoy? Despite an...

38 mins

Sep 09, 2022

What does Bengaluru eat?

For a city supposedly named after a story about boiled beans, Bengaluru is very much a great food city. From neighbourhood thindis to food trucks to world class restaurants, there’s something for every palate....

41 mins

Sep 02, 2022

What should Bengaluru look like?

By 2030, 60% of the global population is going to be living in cities. Bengaluru is projected to be at the forefront of this growth – with an 8.5% increase in economic output and an exponentially rising populat...

38 mins

Nov 01, 2020

Ooru - Trailer

Some questions about Bengaluru are very easy to answer. Like what's your favorite place in the city? Other questions are less easy to answer. There's a certain set of questions most people in ths city spent a l...

2 mins