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Oct 04, 2021

Bolti Kahaniyan: Ep 2 Beta Kiska? | बोलती कहानियां: भाग 2 बेटा किसका?

In Episode 2, Listen to Beta Kiska, which gives birth to a metaphor you'll never forget.  बोलती कहानियां में अनीता हमारे लिए फील्ड से कहानियां और चर्चाएं लेकर आती हैं. इस एपिसोड में आइए सुनते हैं 'बेटा किसका?'...

8 mins

Oct 04, 2021

Bolti kahaniyan: Ep 1 Roti Banaye Tantu | बोलती कहानियां: भाग 1 रोटी बनाए टंटू

Where Anita brings us stories from the field, stories that became part of Nirantar’s Pitara as pieces of fiction that had an uncanny resemblance to lived realities. Each story is shared with women’s collectives...

7 mins

Sep 20, 2021

Mann ke Mukhaute Ep 2: Rahogi Tum Wahi | मन के मुखौटे, एपिसोड 2: रहोगी तुम वही

As part of our series 'Mann ke Mukhaute' exploring mental landscapes from an experiential standpoint, the second episode features Sudha Arora’s story Rahogi Tum Wahi, an account of a woman at the other end of e...

11 mins

Sep 09, 2021

Mann ke Mukhaute Ep 1: Adiyal Dukh l मन के मुखौटे, एपिसोड 1: अड़ियल दुख

As part of our Public Health issue, we are turning an inward eye to look at our mental experiences, and how they intersect with the health and state systems.  In an attempt to move away from pathological and cl...

22 mins

Jun 16, 2021

Living On Your Own In The Pandemic : कोरोनाकाल और मैं - अकेले हैं तो क्या ग़म हैं?! (Episode)

As the outside slowly opens up to life after the deadly second wave of the pandemic, the inside is still grappling with absence, loss, death, fear and loneliness. This episode we meet people who navigated, and...

30 mins

Feb 05, 2021

Kaam Ya Aaram: Gas Pe Dekh Lena (Story)

Kaam ya Aaraam? Is that a gendered question?    While the rest of us are watching #TheGreatIndianKitchen , we thought we will go to a real one. This audio story then, straight from ours to yours.  The year is...

12 mins

Jan 05, 2021

Ep. 03 : Gender Based Violence and the Bystander Syndrome

In Episode III of Stay Home, Kitna Surakhsit? we explore the role of the bystander - yes, people like you and me - in situations of gender based violence. Why don’t we intervene? How do we justify walking on? W...

19 mins

Nov 16, 2020

Ep. 02 : Technology and Gender Based Violence

If more people are online, where does the violence go? Apparently, also online. In Episode 2 of Stay Home, Kitna Surakshit?, Madhuri meets Bishakha Datta of Point of View and Uttanshi Agarwal of One Future Coll...

23 mins

Oct 17, 2020

Ep. 01 : Gender Based Violence During Lockdown

Stay Home, Kitna Surakshit ? We have heard about the spike in violence at homes, during lockdown. In Ep. 01 of Stay Home, Kitna Surakshit? we meet Sangeeta Rege of CEHAT in Bombay and Rituparna Borah of Nazariy...

29 mins

Oct 15, 2020

Nirantar Radio - Your Ear To Ground Realities

On Nirantar Radio, presented by The Third Eye, we see sound explorations, podcasts, stories, radio essays, which help build a grassroots to policy level conversation around gender and patriarchy. We hear voices...

1 mins