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Dec 16, 2022

Through The Eyes Of Another

Suchismita Chattopadhyay has been researching grooming institutions in Delhi for the last 5 years. In an industry that seems to be widespread and competitive but not much has been written about, it wasn’t easy...

29 mins

Oct 31, 2022

Modern Values

The stakes are high as traditional ways of thinking about gender roles, relationships, marriage, clash with modern values. What is the identity of a person outside of these social roles, relations and obligatio...

21 mins

Oct 26, 2022

What about men?

Episode 3 of Made to Order looks at some of the changes finishing schools have undergone, particularly with how they now have male clients and students. While the reasons for women attending or being sent to fi...

23 mins

Oct 16, 2022

A School for Proper Ladies

The rebrand of finishing schools for today's context has meant they now appeal to everyone who has the means and resources to access them. But they are emblematic of ways in which society perceives the role of...

19 mins

Oct 07, 2022

Grand Old Traditions

Finishing schools are a thriving but not a widely researched and understood phenomena in India. They exist in cities, small towns, and now increasingly in the digital space as they attempt to rebrand themselves...

19 mins

Sep 30, 2022

Made To Order - Teaser

From Suno India productions, Made to Order is a new podcast that explores finishing schools, personality development courses and makeovers classes in India. Antiquated ideas about women being taught etiquette a...

3 mins