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Shreya Dasgupta

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Mar 22, 2023

S2E10 A British Blunder in Bengal: When climate warnings were ignored [Part-3 of climate mini-series]

In the third and last part of our climate and homes mini-series, we’re bringing you a story from the historical archives. A story from the 1800s, about a time when the British came up with a grand plan in Benga...

16 mins

Mar 16, 2023

S2E9 How to climate-proof your home [Part-2 of climate mini-series]

In this episode, we’re taking on a future you may not be able to choose and move to a climate safe location. Maybe it's a job you can't leave, or you can't afford to move, or there aren't many climate safe loca...

35 mins

Mar 09, 2023

S2E8 Can you pick a Climate-Safe home? Part-1 of climate mini-series.

How do you pick a home that's safe from the unpredictable effects of climate change? Can scientists tell us what climate impacts each neighbourhood in an Indian city will see?  In this episode, experts take us...

37 mins

Mar 01, 2023

S2E7 Can we see Jury Trials in India again? | Short

In the last episode, we explored what if Indian courts used Artificial Intelligence or AI. This episode, we flip this, and ask - What if we got more people into our courts, and got jury trials back? Can it work...

19 mins

Feb 23, 2023

S2E6 What if Indian courts had AI?

Indian courts are tricky to navigate - after all it's all humans handling the endless sea of rules, procedures and formalities. Humans who can be intelligent and compassionate. Also, humans who can be slow, and...

42 mins

Feb 16, 2023

S2E5 Living Inside A Clean Air Dome

This episode, we take on a thought experiment — The air outside is getting so polluted that people in Indian cities start living inside clean air domes. What would these clean air domes look like? Where would w...

36 mins

Feb 08, 2023

S2E4 Can poop save India's wildlife | Short

Animal poop: you want to step over it, but many scientists in India bow to it, sniff it, take detailed photos, and bring some of it home (okay fine, to their labs).  Welcome to the world of animal poop surveil...

15 mins

Feb 01, 2023

S2E3: Welcome to poop surveillance

You flush and forget about your poop. But your poop doesn’t forget you. It can be a goldmine of information about your body. This is why people around the world are increasingly monitoring what folks let out in...

34 mins

Jan 25, 2023

S2E2 Meteorite hunting in India | Short

Last episode we asked, what if a killer asteroid was headed towards the India. This episode, we're exploring how people find bits of asteroids that do crash into India from time to time. And why go looking for...

17 mins

Jan 18, 2023

S2E1: What if a killer asteroid was headed towards India?

Killer asteroids – we’ve seen Hollywood movies explore this apocalyptic scenario many, many times. In most films, though, India rarely features in the story. If we do, we come and go in seconds, with our cities...

34 mins