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Mar 26, 2022

GigaWhat: Renewables go reckless

The loss of biodiversity, the sixth mass extinction, high chances that you would have heard these terms. It's clear what pushed us into this situation - overexploitation of natural resources, pollution, the way...

36 mins

Mar 11, 2022

GigaWhat: Renewable energy, limited land

Let's visualise the sheer expanse of one of India's largest solar parks, the Pavagada Solar Park in Karnataka. An aerial view of the site shows a never-ending sea of glass panels and wires spread across 13,000...

24 mins

Feb 25, 2022

GigaWhat: Clean Waste

The world is looking towards the sun, wind, and other alternatives for energy, and so is India, as a way to tackle climate change and other environmental issues. The sight of solar and wind farms, rooftops line...

23 mins

Feb 03, 2022

GigaWhat Trailer

GigaWhat will explore some of the biggest questions, challenges, and opportunities in India's transition from fossil fuel to clean energy sources. As countries commit to cut their carbon emissions to tackle cli...

3 mins