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Oct 28, 2018

The Heart Speaks

This episode brings to you stories of two adoptees and how they dealt with the knowledge of being adopted. In one story, the adoptee was informed about her adoption in an age-appropriate manner by her parents,...

26 mins

Oct 22, 2018


In this episode, we will bring to you perspectives on shaping the identity of an adoptee and why it is important to have honest and open communication line with children who have been adopted.

28 mins

Oct 14, 2018

All About the Law

This episode will bring to you an interview with CARA CEO Col Deepak Kumar and will strive to explain to you different laws available for adoption in India and challenges in finding homes for children with spec...

26 mins

Oct 07, 2018

Breaking the Stigma

Episode 2 will explore the silent and yet loud stigma about adoption. It will also highlight the importance of society embracing positive adoption language as well as role of mass media in stereotyping adoption...

26 mins

Sep 30, 2018


Episode 1 brings perspectives on how to deal with questions on why you want to adopt and why being patient is important.

27 mins

Sep 30, 2018

Episode 0 - Trailer

Dear Pari is India’s first narrative podcast on adoption, hosted by parents Priya and Rakesh. Dear Pari will take the listeners through their journey of adoption while discussing pertinent issues around it. We...

4 mins