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Feb 15, 2020

Mechanical Birds

Since 2010 with the launch of Parrot AR, drones have become consumer technology and are being used everywhere from movie shootings, wedding videography and scientific activity like mapping. The ability of drone...

27 mins

Feb 07, 2020

People's Movement to Save the Internet

The internet was built by people, they made it there home and used it to teach people skills and spread knowledge. Several individuals grew up with internet, they knew the value of it. In 2015, when they saw fa...

23 mins

Jan 31, 2020

Midnight Machines

Technology has always been political, people developing the technology or promoting it have influenced it everywhere. India is no different to this paradigm, our first prime minister Nehru influenced it ways we...

43 mins

Jan 12, 2020

Turning Missed Calls into Votes

Cambridge Analytica is popularly known to influence voters across the world, including US elections of 2016 and UK leave EU referendum, using personal data. It is said Cambridge Analytica had around 5000 attrib...

27 mins

Jan 09, 2020

Mother database, National Population Register

The National Population Register was designed to be maintained by Registrar General of India and was subsequently linked to Census 2011 and carried out along with it by the Register General of India. The regist...

45 mins

Dec 29, 2019

The All Seeing Eye

Across India there are reports coming in about use of facial recognition systems to track people assembling to protest against the citizenship amendment act. Indian Express has reported the Delhi Police has acq...

25 mins

Dec 17, 2019

Personal Data Protection Bill - What does it mean for your right to privacy?

The much awaited personal data protection bill for India has been introduced in the parliament last week. After appointing a committee lead by Justice Shri Krishna for framing the law, the government has made i...

64 mins

Dec 13, 2019

Data of the People, by the People and for the People

Replying to a question in Rajya Sabha, the Minister for Road Transport and Highways has revealed that the government is selling personal data related to vehicle registration and driving licenses at a price of R...

31 mins

Dec 08, 2019

Safety Trouble

Last week the country was shocked to hear about the rape and murder of a young veterinary doctor in Hyderabad. The Home Minister of the Telangana blamed the victim for not calling the emergency police helpline...

26 mins

Dec 05, 2019

Bugs in Cyberspace

In cyberspace, a bug is an error in a software program which may cause a malfunction like shutting down systems or behave in an unintended manner. Across the world, security researchers report thousands of thes...

26 mins