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Sep 16, 2023

Delhi Declaration and Shifting Sands In The Gulf

The curtains came down on a successful G20 summit hosted by India with a 100% consensus on the Delhi Declaration. The declaration saw watered down language on the Russia Ukraine war  to reach a consensus. The A...

38 mins

Sep 08, 2023

Russia-Ukraine War- Europe's Afghanistan?

18 months and counting…Russia’s full blown invasion of Ukraine continues with no political resolution in sight to the war. With the conflict prolonged and the battlefield unpredictable, what is the physical and...

44 mins

Aug 31, 2023

BRICS2.0- Expansion for Good Or Dilutes Agenda?

The 15th BRICS summit  in Johannesburg South Africa saw a significant decision to expand the membership of the grouping that held its founding summit in 2009 in Yekaterinburg in Russia. For the first time since...

39 mins

Aug 24, 2023

Imran Khan bowled out by Pak Army?

Cricketer turned politician, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan is behind bars. Dozens of cases against him- serious charges of corruption, incitement of violence, abuse of authority to leaking of...

42 mins

Aug 16, 2023

How Gender Inclusive Is Indian Foreign Policy?

What is a Feminist foreign policy? Does inclusion of more women and application of a gender inclusive lens lead to more human and sustainable foreign policy outcomes? How are countries working on the subject? ...

42 mins

Aug 04, 2023

Invisible Chains- Human Trafficking in South Asia

30th July is observed by the UN as the World Against Trafficking in Persons Day.  This year’s theme was ‘Reach every victim of trafficking, leave no one behind’. On Episode 10 of the Foreign Policy Podcast Beyo...

47 mins

Jul 26, 2023

Srilanka - A year after The Aragalaya protests!

Srilanka witnessed massive protests- called the Aragalaya movement last year against the government in the wake of the worst economic crisis the country faced since its independence. By July events unfolded fas...

41 mins

Jul 20, 2023

The Taiwan Strait Crisis

Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a visit to the Eastern Theatre Command's headquarters on 6th July. This is the command in charge of the region around Taiwan. While there Xi warned about a 'new period of turmo...

46 mins

Jul 12, 2023

Brutal Taliban and Brave Afghan Women

657 days and counting- since the Taliban banned teenage girls from school. An Entire generation of young girls are getting scarred for life as they struggle for the most basic freedoms under the return of the T...

45 mins

Jul 05, 2023

Xi Jinping’s Tibet Policy

Since the  National Uprising of Tibetans in 1959 against the People’s Republic of China (PRC) tens of thousands of Tibetans found refuge in India as the  Tibetan Government-in-Exile came into existence. Today w...

44 mins